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Magnetic communications . Captivating design

We started calia with one goal in mind: to make effective and creative communications and  design accessible for any socially responsible and sustainable brand. Over time, we’ve gathered a group of unique, young, passionate and artistic women who strive to inspire and be inspired by others. We are driven by combining classic design and communications styles with emerging techniques to create branding that is uniquely yours.


Communications and digital design rests in a sphere that is constantly changing, and our brand is here is help companies morph to suit this changing landscape through transparency and human centered design.


Goodbye to the 9-5, the boxes of documents and the strict formalities - we’re here for magnetic communications, captivating design and an experience that is uniquely Calia.


Our wide selection of services and social approach means that calia is the one-stop-shop for all your communications needs. From the initial phone call, all the way through to the final product - we will work closely with you and your company to deliver the results you are after in all facets of communications and digital design.

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Editing & proof reading (academic and technical)

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Web and social network strategy (written & graphic design)

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Technical writing & creative story telling

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Report and book layout design

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Social media management & promotional campaigns

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Brand design – everything from letterheads, brochures and leaflets to packaging design

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Audiovisual products ( short videos & animations)

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Photography & graphic design


The Team

At calia we dig deep into your organizational environment in order to craft a language that brings your identity to life. We aim to investigate profoundly who you are, who you want to be and how your target audience will engage with your brand. In order to provide you with impactful graphic and written content, we work with you to provide not only services but an experience. Get to know us and what makes calia unique.


Carley Willis

Communications Expert

creative writer and editor

Raised in Canada, Carley began her academic career in journalism and then transitioned into human rights at York University. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she moved to Vienna, Austria for her masters degree at the University of Vienna. Entering into the professional sphere, Carley has had experience working as a legal researcher and editor at a research institution, a writer and editor at an international organisation as well as a prospect researcher and social media outreach at a non-governmental organisation.

With both professional and academic experience in drafting and editing texts as well as social media presence, Carley brings organisation, dedication and values cooperation and feedback throughout the communications process


Natalia Bueno

Communications Expert

visual story teller and media designer

Originally from Colombia, Natalia is designer specialized in graphic communications who appreciates creative and engaging audiovisual and interactive design. As a dynamic and conscious person interested in visual journalism, Natalia completed her undergraduate degree in applied art design at the University of the Andes. Following this, she graduated with a masters degree in human rights at the University of Vienna and completed photography training in Barcelona.


Her abilities have allowed her to work with various international private and public organizations as a graphic designer and in the field of information management and communications. Natalia brings to Calia her warm Latin American attitude and her ability to create high quality communication products.

Meet the team
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